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Dan's Motorcycle Racing Career - and his favorite, the  1969 Sachs 125 cc Enduro Motorcycle

Dan's first real motorcycle was the 1969 Sachs 125cc Enduro.

He purchased the Sachs used in Downey California from a man who had broken his foot on it.  With  just 35 miles on the street legal cycle's odometer, it was just about the hottest motorcycle any 15 year old could dream of owning in 1970.

More than 30 years later, the fun the neighborhood kids had with their bikes that summer- Huskys, Bultacos, Hodakas, CZs, Maicos - could never be forgotten!

Riding Experience:


Dan started riding competitively around his Petaluma Avenue neighborhood in Long Beach on a 1965 Schwinn Sting Ray.  The skills of popping a wheelie for unlimited blocks at a time would come into play later when he graduated to a gasoline powered two-wheeler. 


He then moved up to a 1967 Taco 44 mini-bike, where he perfected the art of crashing the lawn-mower engine powered purple status symbol at the Triangle, a popular riding spot near El Dorado Park.  Fortunately, he was one of the few kids in the neighborhood who thought it was stylish to wear a crash helmet.


Then in 1970, his dad ("big" Lew) sprung for the 1969 Sachs 125 Enduro.  Every weekend was spent at Saddleback Park in Orange County, California.   Dan never made over the top of Saddleback's infamous "Matterhorn" hill climb, but he never stopped trying!


The Sachs satisfied 's urge for speed until 1971, when he purchased a new 1971 Husky 360 Enduro.  


The Millikan high school lunch break in Long Beach, California was a 45 minute wheelie contest between all his friends, who all rode an assortment of barely-street legal modified dirt bikes.


The cops never gave any of the kids a ticket, which to this day amazes everyone who was there to see it all.



The 1971 Husky 360 Enduro was not too popular among hard-core enthusiasts in its day - everyone preferred the Husky 400.  Now the 360 Enduro is a very valuable collector's bike.



Dan shown here on July 4, 1971 aboard the 1969 SACHS 125 Enduro. Note the custom "Tom Turner" expansion chamber. The location is 2813 Petaluma Avenue, Long Beach, California.

Today, Dan owns several vintage motocrossers, including the 1970 DKW shown below. Notice the Enduro muffler and Akront rims.


The last known Sachs - the 250 cc Motocross MX

Early Sachs Motorcycles:

I found these in Germany.  Boy, have motorcycles changed!



Fastest Bike:

When Dan graduated from high school, he turned in his dirt bikes and hopped aboard a 1972 Kawasaki 750 cc Mach IV.  This two-stroke screamer was the next evolution among he and his friends.


It's hard to believe that no one among his group of friends riding Kawasaki 900s, 500 Mach IIIs, and other assorted crotch rockets ever suffered the indignity of injury on the streets of Southern California.


Neither the Ortega Highway, or the weekend "cannonball" runs down to Mexico took its toll on the group of teenagers who tempted fate at over 100 mph.  However,  Dan did get a ticket one day going 110 on the Garden Grove Freeway while racing some guy in an Audi.  He gave up riding soon after, afraid of the consequences not of speed, but of a jail cell!  P.S.  has never spend a day in the slammer!


Shown above is Dan's 1970 Kawasaki 500 Mach III.